For some women, there is a high standard of achievement for having a natural birth. It is highly-regarded, and praise is heaped on those who have the natural births. Some women go as far as making birth a competition, to see who is the best and strongest woman among them. However, home and natural birth are not appropriate for everyone. A woman is no less an person for taking painkillers, or having a C-section. What may be good for one woman, is not necessarily good for another.

Key Takeaways:

  • Giving birth is a special moment for mothers and all method choices should be celebrated
  • For some women, the way they give birth is something incredibly spiritual
  • The words we say matter, especially if we hold a position as a medical professional

“Sometimes that courage is pushing a baby out without medication, and sometimes that courage is having your baby cut from your belly in an operating room.”

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