The amount of detail in which one remembers a birth is incredible, and these accounts of births are incredibly important. These stories allow people to identify themselves as parents, as a birth of one’s first baby is the inception of one’s parenthood. These stories form the backbone of how humans comprehend themselves, even though their significance and value is often taken unconsciously. However, being fully aware and conscious of these stories, one can heal and become alleviated of stress, especially if these birthing events were traumatic.

Key Takeaways:

  • The moment we give birth, we become parents, and our new identity is born.
  • When a woman isn’t listened to during a traumatic birth experience, she often concludes from this that she is not important.
  • We sometimes unconsciously take meaning from our stories, but we can make them conscious.

“Our birth stories are so important because we use them to identify who we are as mothers, as parents.”

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