From Punishing to Pleasurable


Become a Divine Birthing Goddess:

Enjoy the ecstatic, euphoric, and exhilarating sacred right-of-passage that giving birth was actually designed to be.

You feel slightly paralyzed by the idea of natural childbirth birth. Society (or even your own experience) has traumatized you with too many myths about how dangerous, painful, or even violent it is. 

You feel like you can’t trust yourself to do what you really want to do, which is to have a peaceful, safe, natural, at-home childbirth…on your terms. 

But this feels impossible. As if natural, safe, at-home birth is the extreme exception to the rule – meant only for very willful (or lucky, or genetically-blessed) women. 

And you just want the best for your baby. So how can you be feeling so conflicted inside about which route to take?

You are questioning the innate desires of your heart to birth naturally, as you also navigate doubt, insecurity, and confusion about if you can even do it. 

Truth be told: while you innately know that we were designed over milenia for natural childbirth (as was the rest of the thriving animal kingdom), the idea that you can actually have an enjoyable birthing experience feels like a totally unrealistic dream.

Even so, as much as you are questioning yourself, you are even more afraid of the trauma of the institutionalized birthing process.

Everyone tells you it’s ‘safer’, but you somehow can’t wrap your mind around how a clinical, penetrating setting could be the best way for your child to enter into this precious life.

You are ready to take that leap of faith to learn more about natural, at-home childbirth, because you know at this point you have nothing to lose.

Innately, you know that the benefits of natural childbirth are valid, valuable, and important. Maybe you’ve even thought about them, including:

  • The deep bonding you will experience with your baby (as you’ll both have access to all your needed hormones). Whereas if you’re shut down and numb from all the drugs, your natural bonding hormones are shut down as well.
  • How you’ll be much more in tune with your instincts as a mother so mothering won’t be so hard
  • The huge reduction in postpartum depression and enjoying the newborn phase as easy and effortless
  • The super fast recovery (like, within minutes)
  • The physical health of your baby being totally optimized because of the cues that get turned on in your baby through the birth canal
  • How it’s designed to be an ecstatic spiritual experience (and, believe me, it is! You don’t want to cheat yourself of this one).

But you are frustrated by the lack of options and clarity, and having been deceived by your last experience, you aren’t sure who to trust. 

Your journal entries say something like this: “I know I want to have a natural childbirth, but I don’t know how the hell to go about it.”

That’s where I come in as your virtual doula and personal lioness protector.

I am your birthing best friend, your priestess sister, and your safe space.

I am looking out for you, and your cherished baby.

I am here to tell you that safe, natural, at-home childbirth is not only possible, it’s positively ecstatic.

You aren’t just going to endure it, you are going to LOVE it.

Natural childbirth is one of the most powerful spiritual portals to the divine.

It is totally exhilarating, completely inspiring, and incredibly humbling.

I should know.

I’ve done it five times.

(I’m already really excited about my sixth in a few months time!)

I would do it FOR you if I could. I love it THAT much (although I don’t want to take this magical experience away from you either!)

And I want this for you too.

To feel excited and to know it’s going to be an amazing experience, and to actually be pumped to give birth!

Which is why I created my signature course for you.

My ‘Become A Divine Birthing Goddess’ Course

This interactive, fully-mentored course teaches you everything you need to know to feel secure, empowered, knowledgable, and YES excited about natural childbirth.

I’ve condensed everything I’ve learned over the last twelve years and my own personal five natural childbirths (going on six!), in a six week program that will give you incredible respect for your body’s magical and intelligent design, confidence about natural birth, and the gift of deep satisfaction as you hold your baby post-birth.

The program is organized into six dynamic, interactive, and easy-to-digest phases that honor natural childbirth as the sacred right of passage that it is.

Each weekly phase includes:

  • Hour-Long ‘Birth Alchemy’ Sessions with me to work through your concerns, doubts, questions, and be witnessed in your power as the divine birthing goddess you really are. Think of me as your very own personal cheerleader, protector, and anchor to guide you through this journey with ease and grace. (6 total)
  • Short + Convenient Video Teachings to give you the knowledge, confidence, and power you need to know that not only can you do this, you are going to rock it (and love it)!
  • Weekly Guided Meditations to get you in the zone of surrender, trust, and faith from which childbirth is actually intuitively natural
  • Sacred Birthing Rights at-home rituals to gear you up for the ceremony of a lifetime: your baby’s birth (and also your birth into motherhood)
  • My Own Personal Birthing Stories so you can learn from me rather than the hard way (yes, one for each of the six phases!)

Here’s the breakdown of your Sacred Right of Passage journey with me through this program:

  1. The Initiation: In phase one, you will re-discover your sovereignty and find your own inner birth guru, as you heal any trauma you’ve been carrying from either society or personal experience around birth. You will finish feeling conscious and awake so that you can take your power back and get out of the violating and penetrating patriarchal and authoritarian birth process we’ve been indoctrinated into that has you believe that anyone besides you is the expert on your baby and your body (They aren’t. You are.) that has resulted in us being people-pleasing and subservient to white coats (and relatives).
  2. The Unveiling: In this phase, we will be dubunking myths and facing fears head on, naming which ones are valid and which ones are manipulative societal conditioning that have been taken totally out of context and misrepresented to keep us as women stuck, subservient, and small. You will finish this module feeling powerful, discerning, and informed about who gets the honor of you opening up your womb to
  3. The Awakening: This phase includes everything you ever wanted to know about how natural child birth works, including the physiology, the power of the mind-body-baby connection, tools for navigating an fluid birth, and – of course – safety. You’ll learn how Mother Nature intelligently designed you to be a Divine Birthing Goddess, and why natural childbirth isn’t designed to be punishing, but pleasurable.
  4. The Anointing: This phase will prepare you perfectly for your sacred birthing experience and get you ready for the ceremony of passage it really is. We will go over curve balls, red flags, and what to you look out for so you feel committed, unshakeable, and ready to hold your line so you can get the treasure that awaits you.
  5. The Ceremony. This phase will walk you through creating the sacred space for your birthing experience, including everything about your birthing team and birthing plan so you feel completely honored, supported, and revered as the queen you are, as you enjoy the creative process of building your birthing nest.
  6. The Celebration – You did it, mama! This phase Includes everything you need to know about post-birth, from the ‘Golden Hour’, the after birth, and what to do to maximize it to making ‘newborn’ life easy and enjoyable. Plus what to expect from your body so you know what’s normal as you transition into the next phase. (Hint: after natural childbirth, it is much easier and faster than you might expect!)



  • Become a part of my interactive ‘Sisterhood of Divine Birthing Goddesses’ community to share your journey, fears, hopes, and dreams with 
  • ‘The Wise Women’ Interview Vault – learn from other women who have gone before you that includes conversations with experts, videos of natural childbirth, and case studies of mothers who have had natural experiences
  • A list of All My Favorite Things for an amazing birthing experience including music tracks, essential oils, homeopathy, affirmations, and comedy movies

They say babies aren’t born with a manual. But they actually ARE. It’s called your instincts. And I am here to show you how to tap into them for a magical birthing experience that blows your mind.

The Investment

3 bi-monthly payments of $197

Risk-Free Guarantee: if you start the program and decide it’s not a fit for you, you can cancel any time. 

I’m Ready

How will it feel?

How will it feel when you rock this natural birth experience as the divine birthing goddess you were born to be, marveling at how incredible your body is.

When you are jumping for joy after yelling, “I’m a freaking rock star!” With me crying my eyes out in joy right along with you knowing the immense euphoria you are experiencing.

Fully alive and in your power.

So grateful that you trusted your instincts and followed your intuition and bet on yourself (you showed ’em!). That you were inquisitive and open enough to take the road less traveled (but better designed).

Celebrating the leap of faith that you took into the arms of the Divine Mother who was there to support you all along.

Knowing you are extraordinary for having walked through this sacred right of passage!

In a word, proud.

Revel in it. It’s so well-deserved.

And I am here taking a stand for you.

The truth is, without support, it’s too easy to slide away from your deep commitment at the first hint of a hurdle (because the dismissive medical system is designed to patronize and scare you away from your truth and stop you from thinking for yourself).

The system was designed to make you subservient, not sovereign.

Dominated, not empowered.

Manipulated, rather than informed.

To be told you’re irrational for following your instincts in what is the most natural process in the world.

And I am your guardian to keep your instincts and intuition front-and-center as your truest guides (and the most important tools you need both in birth and in life).

I’m your lighthouse to help you follow your true north, no matter what they threaten you with.

I am here to protect both you and your child from the violence and injustice of our patriarchal birthing system, honoring the intrinsic wisdom and genius held by all women, holding the sacred act of childbirth as the most direct spiritual pathway to connecting with the divine feminine.

And, yes, healing the collective through your safe, natural, at-home childbirth that is ecstatic, euphoric, and exhilarating.

Dare to think this could be possible for you.

Because it is.

Unleash The Divine Birthing Goddess Within


With 5 natural childbirths of her own (and a 6th on the way!) Chrissi Long re-writes the societal story that it has become ‘normal’ to see birth as a medical condition that’s excruciating and completely out of a woman’s control and not the beautiful biological process that it truly is.

She’s helped dozens of women go from petrified of the pain and disempowered to to embracing the experience and having a fully natural and blissful birth that they cherish the memory of.

She helps her moms-to-be to reclaim their power as the divine goddesses they are, so they don’t end up emotionally and physically scarred by a horrific birth. She helps women avoid both the immediate and life-long effects of unnecessary medical intervention.

She is on a mission to help every woman she can to experience the magic of natural birth and it’s myriad of benefits for mama and baby.

She is a one-on-one birth coach, the founder of Blissful Birthing, and the creator of ‘Become A Divine Birthing Goddess’, an easy-to-follow natural birthing course that gives you everything you need to empower you to have the birth you dreamed of. 


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