Birth Coaching

I offer private, virtual, one-on-one Doula Services for your birth.

This package includes one prep session, live virtual support during your birth (which is far more convenient and less imposing than having another body in the room with you), and two follow-up sessions.

This is your birth and I want to empower you to have your dream birth experience.

But first I require all of my birthing mamas to go through my signature Blissful Birthing Course in full.

This way, we can make maximum use of our time together to work on the areas where you’re still unsure or feel you need a deeper level of hand-holding help, preparing you to be solid as a rock during your birth.

Because I have six feral jungle children of my own, I can only work with a handful of mamas each month so get started now to make sure we have enough time to powerfully prepare together.

Fill out the form below for a free introductory call to see if I am the right doula for you.