Hear from Other Women Just Like You Who Have Had Successful Natural Births

Watch the videos below to see how everyday women have had natural births without the trauma of unnecessary medical intervention. If they can do it, you can do it too!

Jane Brennan

Jane was bullied and manipulated during her first birth and was so traumatised she was petrified of giving birth again but using some simple techniques from Chrissi she had a radically different experience the second time around. Amazingly, this was in the same hospital that she’d been subjected to such horrendous bullying the first time.

Sandra Ruiz-Santaquiteria

Sandra’s first birth left her emotionally and physically scarred. She speaks about how she found the courage to have a home birth and how it made her feel like superwoman.

Ria Logan

Ria tore badly from her first birth in hospital and was terrified of tearing again with her second. She worked one-on-one with Chrissi to overcome that fear and also tackled another huge fear of the baby dying. As a result, Ria confidently gave birth at home.

Ana Serrano

Ana was so traumatised by her first birth and the brutality of the medical staff that she vowed never to have another child despite wanting several until she starting working with Chrissi.

Kahina Bouaissi

Kahina was so petrified of giving birth that she decided she never wanted to have children. Her fears were routed in all the hideous birth stories she’d heard from other women that are sadly too common.

The problem was made worse because she loves kids and her partner was also desperate to have children together. Without resolving this it could have put an end to their relationship.

But when she was introduced to Chrissi it changed everything. Kahina is now planning to get pregnant and has overcome her initial fears. Watch the video to hear her story.

Sirine Ghadban

Sirine felt very alone with her first pregnancy and ended up with a traumatic birth. Her second was a stark contrast.

Antonia Lacey

After two very traumatic medicalised births, Antonia had her third baby naturally at home and shares how much easier it was.