Doulas are a mentor and friend, an emotional support to women during the birthing process. Doulas are often used in addition to a midwife or a doctor, and are most frequently involved in home births. Doulas provide advice, support, friendship, and aid in making the birthing process as comfortable as possible. Doulas are a trusted and familiar face, giving help throughout the pregnancy, and sharing resources during the birth. They can give live aid on topics such as breastfeeding and childcare, even after the child is born.

Key Takeaways:

  • A doula is a supportive mentor and friend, whose purpose is to relax, aid, and guide mothers through the birthing process.
  • A doula is generally experienced in the birthing process, and can answer many related questions about breastfeeding and childcare.
  • Doulas can provide emotional support, friendship, and advice in a more informal manner, in addition to the services of a midwife and doctor.

“But pregnancy can also be an exhausting, confusing and downright scary time too!”

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