Have the blissful birth you were born to have.

Hi, I’m Chrissi.

I am a virtual doula who helps conscious women transform the cultural fear and trauma of childbirth into the profound blessing it truly is.

I give my mamas-to-be everything they need to rise into their divine feminine power and have the ecstatic, euphoric, and exhilarating birthing experience they were created for.

Chrissi Long - My Mission

My Mission

I stand to protect both mother and child from the violence and injustice of our patriarchal birthing systems, honoring the sacred act of childbirth as the most direct pathway to awakening our higher self.

Because as we return to birthing the way we were innately designed, we heal our collective wounding from its conception.

Thereby healing the world.

Chrissi Long - Become a Divine Birthing Goddess

Become a Divine Birthing Goddess

Learn how to have a safe, enjoyable, at-home childbirth that effortlessly follows your body’s innate wisdom, and leaves you not just ready – but excited – to give birth!

Chrissi Long - Become a Divine Birthing Goddess
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