Australia has a growing issue of traumatic experiences for mothers during birth. Physical pain is often addressed, but many mothers feel they do not get adequate emotional and psychological help during the birthing process. The impartial and factory-like atmosphere of some hospitals does not address the fears these women have. Some Australian women are advocating programs to address the PTSD from the birthing experience. They compare the stress and trauma of the birth to a soldier at war, and say that mothers should have similar support programs available.

Key Takeaways:

  • Australian mothers are having frightening life-or-death experiences during birth, and more frequently having psychological trauma.
  • Mothers are having fears of dying of leaving their children without mother. The often impartial, cold, and transactional atmosphere of hospitals is not providing adequate emotional support.
  • Women are advocating for emotional recovery and aid programs to address their PTSD, similar to soldiers returning to combat.

“Toowoomba mother Andy Martin described her first birth as difficult, but said the support she received from her midwife was crucial.”

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