Scientists created a study to determine the effects of nuchal cord on infant mortality from cardiovascular and respiratory causes. The study was a broad population study, with over two hundred thousand infants studied. Multiple scientific models and procedures were used to ensure accuracy. Across the models, there was no significant risk increase to infants born with nuchal cord. The researchers concluded that infants born with nuchal cord had no effect on perinatal mortality or long-term cardiorespiratory deaths.

Key Takeaways:

  • A clinical study was conducted to determine the relationship between infants with nuchal cord, and respiratory and cardiovascular-related deaths.
  • The study observed a sample size of over two hundred thousand infants, and used multiple testing models, and several verification models to ensure accuracy.
  • The study came to the conclusion that infants born with nuchal cord are not at a higher risk of perinatal mortality or deaths from cardiorespiratory issues.

“Nuchal cord is not associated with higher rate of perinatal mortality nor long-term cardiorespiratory morbidity.”

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