Unlike most hospital births who use an epidural to manage pain, most mothers who choose home births don’t receive any pain medication. How could there be such a huge difference in these pain management techniques? Well, recent studies have shown that the brain itself plays an active role in pain management and perception. When a woman is in the comfort of their own home, they tend to be more at ease, and along with several other factors, the intensity of the pain seems to be less than that of a hospital birth.

Key Takeaways:

  • One mid-wife assistant noted after attending professionally at approximately than seventy births, not one mother-to-be requested a transfer to a hospital for the purpose of acquiring pain medication.
  • According to one hospital, delivery nurse, this lack of interest in pain medication was in stark contrast to her hospital experience.
  • The hospital nurse’s experience was that about 98% of maternity patients ended up having an epidural.

“The reason, according to the researchers, is that our brains have too much say in what our bodies can and can’t do.”

Read more: https://www.lamaze.org/Giving-Birth-with-Confidence/GBWC-Post/perception-of-pain-in-hospital-vs-home-birth