Lifting while pregnant can be a reasonably or relatively safe action if one is careful. Due to the changes in a pregnant person’s skeletal system, they become more prone to injuries, strains, and other issues. Some ways to lift safely while pregnant are to bend with the knees, bear loads with the legs, and straightening the back. A pregnant woman should cease lifting if one is more likely to experience premature labor, if one has a short cervix, or if one feels something strange or excessively fatigued. Pregnant persons can still exercise provided that they stay mindful of their weights and routines.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are ways to lift things safely during pregnancy, such as bending and lifting with the legs.
  • A pregnant person should cease lifting if they are susceptible to premature labor or if they feel excessively fatigued.
  • Exercising while pregnant can be safe as long as weights and routines are kept at reasonable levels.

“your skeletal support system changes during pregnancy, making you more vulnerable to strains or other problems.”

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