10 Early Signs & Symptoms of Labor


There are signs pregnant woman gets when they are about to go into labor, it is their bodies way of preparing them for birth. In first time mothers the baby starts to enter the pelvis and position themselves. The cervix starts to dialate, and you start to have more cramps and back pain. Your joints start to loosen up due to the hormone relaxin, and you can become more clumsy. You have diarrhea, so stay hydrated, and you stop gaining or even losing weight. You can feel extra tired, or just the opposite and start nesting. You begin cleaning and organizing everything in your home to start preparing for the birth of your child. When you start nearing your time you will lose your mucus plug, start having regular contractions, and then your water breaks. Once your water breaks, it is getting very close to “time.”

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are a first time mother then your baby will “drop” and position itself about two weeks before labor, but subsequent pregnancies won’t until delivery.
  • Your cervix will begin to dilate in preparation for birth, the doctor will start checking for dilation and effacement when your due date nears.
  • You start to “nest” and prepare and organize everything for the birth of your child.

“Before you go into labor, you may notice that the joints all over your body feel a bit less tight and more relaxed. It’s just nature’s way of opening up your pelvis for your little passenger to make his way into the world.”

Read more: https://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/labor-signs

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