Hiring an experienced doula will provide you with someone who gives you ‘mother-to-mother’ assistance through information, tools, and support during the entire birthing process. Doulas do not replace the role of a midwife, but they help in providing mothers with suggesting advice and providing support during each stage of labor and aftercare. For instance, doulas will help encourage you through active labor while removing any distractions from the area. They also may speak on your behalf in regards to birthing preferences if given the ability.

Key Takeaways:

  • During childbirth, doulas can comfort the mother both emotionally and physically, to include the use of massage and hot packs.
  • Doulas can also provide information and guidance, and some families even hire them after the birth occurs.
  • Doulas are not clinically-trained, so you will also need a midwife or other medical professional.

“A doula is a person whose role is to ‘mother the mother’, by giving a woman and her family information and support during pregnancy, birth and in the first weeks after the birth.”

Read more: https://birthchoices.raisingchildren.net.au/compare_care_options/home_birth/doulas/index.html