Some women feel like they did not give consent for medical procedures during birth. They feel like they are reduced to being a vessel, only good for carrying the child. This is not helped by the belief among professionals that they are legally responsible for bringing a child into the world and avoiding complications. This strong focus on the child can unwittingly lead to less care and concern for the mother. Many mothers feel the need for a personal, caring, exchange of ideas, and obtaining verbal consent before any additional procedure, no matter how standard it may be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many women giving birth feel that they did not give their consent to certain procedures.
  • The power imbalance in the birthing room dates back to a time when women were viewed as mere vessels.
  • Women in labor who have previously experienced sexual abuse may feel the same sense of having their boundaries violated.

“Initiatives have been started to raise awareness of better treatment for survivors of abuse in their maternity care”

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