Preparing for Birth Before Going Into Labor


There are many ways to make going into labor a relatively easy and less painful process. Start preparing so when the time comes, you’ll be ready. Take classes to learn about the different stages of labor. Take a yoga class to strengthen your body, but also to train yourself to relax. Hire an emotional support professional called a doula to help support you through the process. Learn multiple relaxation techniques in case one is not effective when you’re in labor. Don’t worry about the possible bad outcomes of labor. Set the mood to relax more effectively, and take a warm bath to help relax in the early stages. Listen to suggestions for whether to use an epidural, natural birth, etc., but don’t feel like you have to change your plan because of them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Begin to prepare for labor as soon as possible by exercising and taking birthing classes.
  • Be sure to have several pain management techniques to turn to in case one is not working or is not available.
  • Think about and plan the type of environment you want during labor.

“Find out your doctor’s philosophy on epidurals vs. nondrug ways of managing pain, as well as on Cesarean sections.”

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Chrissi Long - Birth Alchemy Coach

Chrissi is a Birth Alchemy Coach and the founder of which helps mamas-to-be tap into their body’s innate wisdom and divine feminine power to birth naturally.

With 6 natural childbirths Chrissi’s mission is to rewrite the societal story that it has become “normal” to see birth as a medical condition.

One that’s excruciating and completely out of a woman’s control and not the beautiful biological process that it truly is.

She’s helped hundreds of women go from petrified of the pain and disempowered to embracing the experience and having a fully natural and blissful birth that they cherish the memory of forever more.