With advances in medical technology, many women today get medically induced into labor, but that may not always be the safest, and most painless option. Many experts believe that women should let the pregnancy run it’s course, and women should go into labor on their own. Recent studies have even shown that labor induction may increase the amount of possible complications during the delivery, including increased risk of Cesarean section or vacuum suction. While many pregnancies do in fact need induction, it’s important to weight the benefits and risks, and remember that a due date is not a hard deadline.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data shows that avoiding labor induction is common today, with about half of pregnant women electing to have labor induced.
  • Natural induction may not be trending currently, but one blogger believes it is less risky and should be the preferred route.
  • Inducing labor involves an IV, which can be tedious and uncomfortable, as well as drugs that may adversely affect the baby.

“Pitocin contractions are much stronger than contractions of a normal labor. I can attest to this as I have had pitocin with one labor, and a natural labor with my second child.”

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