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A doula is someone who is considered an expert in giving birth. Their duties surround providing emotional and psychological support while guiding you through decision-making and gathering information. These tasks associated with support and compassion come first with doulas, whereas midwives focus more on clinical aspects of birthing. A doula will help you develop a personalized birthing rhythm before you go to the setting that you choose to give birth in, and they will work on taking away any added layers of stress that you are experiencing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Doulas are there to provide you with support in areas such as emotional guidance, psychological preparation, and decision-making.
  • Since partners are more in-tune with the person in labor, and doulas are more educated in the birthing process, having both present can serve as a great team of support.
  • A doula will work with you throughout your prenatal experience so that you can be properly prepared for active labor.

“Doulas differ from both midwives and doctors in that they are non-medical caregivers.”

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