Pregnant women are sometimes pressured to undergo labor induction, that is, to have labor artificially begun. It should always be understood that induction is a choice. The mother should choose freely, without manipulation, coercion, fear mongering or mansplaining. Indeed, induction of labor should be offered with kindness and compassion, and only after asking open questions of the mother. It should be offered because the mother deserves the choice, not merely because the guidelines say so. And it should be offered gently, because the woman receiving the offer is in a vulnerable state.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pundits are noticing an insidious tendency in the medical community to lead women by the nose to induce rather then go for a natural birth.
  • Persuasive arguments abound, from assuaging anxiety to having a specific date to plan ahead for.
  • Scary inducements to induce include, you are at high risk, your placenta could fall, or your baby might be too large.

“Because there is something worse than a difficult choice. There is having no choice at all.”

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