Giving birth is arguably the most important moment in a woman’s life, and should be treated with more reverence than just a mere surgical procedure. It is often felt to be a spiritual experience. Moms should not feel bad to insist on things they feel are important during the process and not letting the healthcare system dictate how the procedure will go. If one type of childbirth is preferred by the mother, she should not feel guilty about making her voice on the matter heard.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even though childbirth is the goal of the birth experience, women should enjoy the experience as well.
  • Recent media has allowed women to be more vocal and in charge of their birth experience.
  • New mothers should have a voice whether they want to use different birthing techniques like forceps delivery.

“The narrative around women who want to take control and have more of a say in their own birthing experience is, says Hill, seeped in misogyny.”

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