I dropped my baby before I even held him😅.

Natural Birth

11 years ago, my first born finally made his very speedy entrance into the world as a pro bungee jumper! (after 33 hours of preparation labour that is 😜)

I had been absolutely LOVING using the toilet as my crutch whilst the waves kept riding over me again and again, all the while growing more and more in their intensity. It was just Uber comfortable & supportive there as my tired, shaking thigh muscles could just take a load off!

Plus I guess I made the mental connection that this was somewhere familiar, safe & private where I could simply sit & release, as I had 1000’s of times before.

All of a sudden my trusted doula & husband started beckoning me to stand up to attempt walking/heaving me to the hospital bed with their ‘under my armpits, shuffling briskly to the bed, supposedly fool safe technique’ for fear that the poor babe would likely be born in the toilet otherwise!

Luca WAS indeed born, but mere seconds into this new manoeuvre as Mr. Gravity had clearly kicked in, in all his glory. Meanwhile my non-suspecting husband found himself on the receiving end of an unexpected headlock and the doula was an impromptu cast aside.

Longlet numero uno was born unceremoniously onto the hospital floor within the blink of an eye, before I could even summon, let alone utter the words ‘Somebody CATCH!!’.

Bambino was flailing his little limbs around with me semi standing up/semi squatting, looking at him in complete disbelief & bewilderment!

What an arrival hey?!?

Luca was totally fine, unharmed and scored high in the Apgar test….full disclosure…to be honest, we were more concerned about his egg shaped head, as no one told us that this is very normal & common amongst first borns during the first few hours of life😅

Anyone else dropped their baby before they even had a chance to hold it? Or have a crazy ‘entrance into the world’ story to share?
I’d love to hear it!

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