Home births ‘safe option’ for low-risk women, major study authors say


Australian researchers gathered data on the safety of home births, for low-risk women in a major study. Data was collected on over a million women, and found that home births had the highest rate of births without intervention needed. This was a significant amount less than birthing centers or hospital labor wards. The researchers concluded that homes could be a safe alternative for low-risk women, but encouraged women to research all of the risks, and to gather information before making such an important decision.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to Australian researchers, home births are a safe option for women who have low risk pregnancies.
  • Caroline Homer, Director of Sydney’s Centre for Midwifery, feels that health services should support women’s personal choice when it comes to birthing location.
  • However, Australian obstetricians support fully informing women of all of the risks of home births.

“Home birthing mothers had the lowest rate of 3rd and 4th-degree perineal tears.”

Read more: https://www.smh.com.au/national/home-births-safe-option-for-low-risk-women-major-study-authors-say-20191029-p535fd.html

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