Postpartum doulas are an important support to a new mom after giving birth. A doula’s focus is to help the mother care for her postpartum body, prepare meals, provide information, and serves as both a physical and emotional support. Many new moms struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety over their new role as a parent. The benefits of having a doula are exponential as they can be the catalyst through which a new mom can blossom and thrive.

Key Takeaways:

  • A postpartum doula is a necessity for many, and labeling it a luxury does a disservice to new mothers.
  • At a time when a mother may be struggling with a postpartum mood disorder, a doula is someone to talk to for emotional support.
  • Many pregnant women either think doulas are too expensive or simply don’t realize how much help they’ll need after giving birth.

“A postpartum doula is defined as a professionally trained person who can provide informational, physical and emotional support for a new family.”

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