Scientists describe the womb as the first environment a child is exposed to. For this reason, the characteristics of this environment are key factors in the health a baby. The climate of this internal environment sets the stage for life outside. Food and chemicals that a mother ingests directly impacts this environment, disrupting its homeostasis. The ingestion of these chemicals can be voluntary through drugs, alcohol or smoking or involuntary via pesticides or traffic pollutants. Stress is another way that causes a less than ideal environment in utero. Mothers that are mindful of these conditions and work towards a balanced uterine experience for their baby are likely to create healthy and strong children.

Key Takeaways:

  • A baby’s experience in the womb sets the stage for how they will experience the world once they are born.
  • According to a University of Pennsylvania scientist, the roots of delinquency and crime originate in the womb.
  • Maternal smoking, obviously, increases asthma risk factors for offspring in and out of the womb.

“Aboriginal people knew intuitively what modern research has confirmed: a mother’s internal milieu during pregnancy can have powerful effects on the development of the child, effects that may persist long after birth and even for a life time.”

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