Selecting the place to deliver a baby can be a difficult, confusing, or weird decision to make. The three main categories of places to give birth are hospitals, birth centers, and at home. Hospitals can provide safety and peace of mind but tend to maintain a greater degree of control over the birthing process and tend to be less personal and less discreet. Birth centers can have a warm and comfortable ambiance and give more personal care while being cheaper than hospitals, but birth centers can screen out and keep certain mothers from giving birth there and they are not necessarily medically equipped for emergencies. Home births provide the greatest amount of freedom to the mother with regards to the birthing process, but the home tends to not have medical experts or supplies and insurance tends not to pay for home births. Through careful evaluation, a mother can find the best place to give birth.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most common place to have a baby is at the hospital, where there is emergency care immediately available.
  • Freestanding birth centers are also a choice for labor and delivery; giving patients a more casual approach to childbirth.
  • Having a baby at home gives a person the most privacy and comfort, should they desire it.

“There are three types of birth places – hospitals, birth centers, or home. Certainly there is one to meet your needs.”

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