Birthing Journeys: Positive birth after trauma


After two c sections, when Hannah Palamara discovered she was pregnant with baby number three, she was determined to give her baby a positive birth, also known as a vaginal delivery. When her son, Frankie, was born, he was delivered in a water birth at home. Hannah did not take any medications during the delivery. After a grueling two hours of pushing, she fell into a kind of trance only to come out of it when her midwife informed her that her baby had been born and she could hold him. Despite the struggles during delivery, she did not regret a moment of the experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hannah Palamara’s first childbirth was a scary, emotionally-jarring experience that ended in an unnecessary c-section.
  • Hannah developed PTSD from that traumatic first childbirth, but never received treatment for it, or a clear explanation of what had happened.
  • For her third labor, Hannah found two excellent and caring independent midwives, and this made for a very different experience.

“I felt a strong primal need to birth a baby as though I wouldn’t feel like a whole woman if I didn’t experience it.”

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Chrissi Long - Birth Alchemy Coach

Chrissi is a Birth Alchemy Coach and the founder of which helps mamas-to-be tap into their body’s innate wisdom and divine feminine power to birth naturally.

With 6 natural childbirths Chrissi’s mission is to rewrite the societal story that it has become “normal” to see birth as a medical condition.

One that’s excruciating and completely out of a woman’s control and not the beautiful biological process that it truly is.

She’s helped hundreds of women go from petrified of the pain and disempowered to embracing the experience and having a fully natural and blissful birth that they cherish the memory of forever more.