Big Babies: the risk of care provider fear


Having a larger baby is common, but may come with several associated risks. Research has shown that larger babies tend to have higher blood glucose levels, as well as a bigger head and shoulders, which may lead to complications during birth. Some of these complications include shoulder dystocia, postpartum haemorrhage, and perineal tearing. Care providers may even suggest alternative delivery methods if they fear the baby is too large. Either way, the mothers should be aware of these issues and consult with their doctor about the best step to avoid complications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Genetic factors, the health of the mother, and when the baby is born can influence the size of the baby.
  • Some babies grow big due to abnormal blood glucose levels, and these big babies are more likely to encounter complications at birth.
  • Big babies are at a higher risk of developing shoulder dystocia compared to smaller babies.

“The only way to accurately assess the weight of a baby is to weigh them after birth.”

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