Domino Kirke is a doula to multiple celebrities, and has a decade-long practice providing her services. She believes that doulas are vital to the birthing process. Domino thinks a doula fulfills roles traditionally held by mothers, grandmothers, and are sometimes expected to perform roles held by multiple people. A doula should provide support, clarity, friendship, and mentor the mother. Domino also believes they should be very stable, available, and knowledgeable as they provide services and teach the women they help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nowadays, with social media, celebrities are becoming more open about their experience with birth.
  • Doulas shouldn’t just be seen as extra support anymore, and in some cases, are necessary.
  • The life of a doula can be difficult due to the pain that they see every day, so self-care is important.

“Domino said it all comes down to social media and celebs speaking out more openly and authentically about their post-partum journey.”

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