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Why I Do What I Do

Chrissi Long About Me
They say you’re not a real Doula until you’ve given birth at least five times. So whilst I’m not an ‘official’ Doula, after five all-natural births, I’m definitely qualified by experience!

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you’re either curious about having a natural birth because it’s your first and you want everything to go as smoothly and beautifully as possible….

Or you’ve given birth before and you’re not happy about your previous experience. And this time around you want to do it very differently?

Either way, I can help you to have a blissful birth and avoid the stress and trauma that comes from unnecessary intervention.

After transforming the birth experience of dozens of friends by simply helping them to shift their mindset and empowering them to take back control of their birth experience, I realized that spreading this message is my absolute passion and mission in life.

I literally can’t watch a natural birthing video without bursting into floods of happy tears. And I want…no NEED…to help make your birth go as seamlessly as possible, as I fervently believe that every woman deserves to experience the true wonder of this miraculous, life-changing event.

I do this in 3 very distinct ways:

  1. I help you to switch from fear-ridden anxiety about your birth to a place of awe-inspired excitement to meet your precious baby and bring him/her into this world in the most magical way possible.
  2. I help you to strengthen your mind-body-baby connection so that you’re completely in-tune with what’s best for you and your baby every step of the way.
  3. I empower you to know when you can say no to invasive and traumatic protocol imposed by medical staff that you simply may not want or need. These processes can leave a lifelong negative impact on both yours and your baby’s physical health. Not to mention both of your emotional well-being — which is something hardly anyone talks about.

You just need to look at the animal kingdom to see how birth can and indeed does unfold — problem-free, in a quiet setting, away from all stress and threats. Animals are completely instinct-led and this is something we often completely rob ourselves of, only to regret later.

Instead of doing it just how mother nature intended, recent societal norms (over the past few centuries) have conditioned us to believe that birth is some sort of a medical emergency. And that women are incapable of delivering their own babies without being poked, prodded and monitored throughout by strangers, all under harsh lights in a foreign environment.

But the truth is you CAN do it completely naturally…and blissfully. You are NOT physically flawed. Your ancestors were physiologically speaking just like you are and have been birthing beautifully for over 200,000 years. Their incidence of birth complications arose far less frequently than in today’s society. Any problematic birth scenarios they experienced were primarily due to poor nutrition & inadequate hygiene which led to either immune-compromised mothers birthing (which could end fatally) or from infections being contracted post-partum. But nowadays, those of us in the Western World are lucky enough to be able to have access to both excellent nutrition and hygiene.

So whether you’re planning on a gentle water birth at home birth where everything is on your own terms…

…Or you want to do it in a hospital with the comfort of medical help at hand…

…Either way, I’d love to help prepare you so that you’re relaxed, calm and empowered to have a blissful birth.

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My Background

Chrissi Long About Me
Full disclosure: I was petrified of birth. Even though I always dreamed of having a big family, I was terrified about what I needed to do to fulfill that dream.

So I decided that I was never going to endure even a smidgen of pain. ‘Airlifting’ my babies out was the only option on the table for me (pardon the pun)…

That was until a chance conversation after a yoga class just a few months before giving birth to my first, Luca in 2009…

Off the back of that chat, I was introduced to Caroline, who quickly became my doula (once I’d persuaded my husband that it wasn’t taking anything away from him and it really was worth the money—he now tells everyone that a doula is essential).

Caroline slowly prised-open my mind to the idea of completely natural birth.

Everything she said made complete sense to me…

…How a natural birth is irrefutably better for mummy and baby (Mother Nature definitely knows best on sooo many levels)…

…How the risk of complications is actually much lower with a home birth because you’re far more relaxed in your own environment and exposed to fewer bacteria and viruses…

…How a vaginal birth triggers so many natural processes that are essential to both mummy and baby’s long term health…

…And how it even helps to avoid postnatal depression.

But I was still riddled with fear even though I knew a natural birth was the right thing to do. I’d constantly be worried about the pain and all the other horror stories my friends were quick to tell me. (I now recognize this as them dealing with the own PTSD from unnecessarily traumatic births.)

Even though Caroline was a massive pillar of support & font of knowledge, I still had a huge internal struggle of needing to overcome my debilitating fear of natural childbirth.

What made it worse was that I’d spent my career working in hospitals, predominantly with surgeons. This meant I’d seen firsthand how surgery can often go…

…Sometimes corners get cut because of budget constraints and other pressures. So I never wanted to be on the operating table either.

What options did I have left, if neither natural birth nor having a C-section appealed to me?

‘Feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ wasn’t going to cut it. I had to tackle this head-on with as many tools and techniques as possible. And knowledge. Real facts. No more fear-based, biased info. Only then could I make a truly empowered decision for myself and my precious baby.

So I did two things, Firstly, I went within and did some inner work and healing. Secondly, I took a deep dive into all the research and natural birthing wisdom I could get my hands on.
Here’s what I discovered:

  • The single most important mindset shift that changed everything and let me reclaim my power as a ‘divine birthing goddess’ instead of being helpless and vulnerable. There are at least 7 different ‘shifts’ but only ONE truly works.
  • The little known but freely available tool you can use before and during labour that dissolves fear and is more effective than any pain relief drug.
  • Why pushing is the absolute worst thing you can do during birth? And what you must do instead to get your baby out safely.
  • Four ways to connect with your baby for an easier birth.

I’ll spare you the full details of my five birth stories for now, as this is about you and making your birth story a magical one.

But in short, all but the first were water births at home. We planned to have our first at home but it didn’t work out that way (although it actually could have been had we not been fear-mongered into going into hospital unnecessarily).

All five were totally natural, no drugs and no intervention. Not even a tear. I cherish them all.

Now you might be thinking, ‘well she just got lucky’. But believe me, luck has nothing to do with it. It’s all down to how you prepare your mind and body. And that’s why I’m absolutely obsessed with helping women just like you to have your own blissful birth.

So if you want to strengthen your mind-body-baby connection, eradicate your fears and empower yourself to have the birth you want, please don’t hesitate to reach out & get in touch.